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MJP-V Marvell Jtag Probe
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The successor to the widely used Marvell JTAG Probe III, the Marvell JTAG Probe V is supported by the Marvell Multi Core Debugger XDB 5.7.39 and newer; as always, it is recommended that users upgrade to the latest release. This high end and helpful – yet ultra-low cost – JTAG device has been upgraded with new features. The MJP-V is designed to work with a range of Marvell SOC and MCU, please see the userguide in the downloads section and the Marvell extranet for more information.


Marvell JTAG Probe version V does support JTAG and SWD (Serial Wire Debugging) debug interfaces, SWO (Serial Wire Output and 4bit TPIU). In addition to support SoC debugging, a range of new features were added including: informative display, 16 USER I/O on 4 programmable voltage rails, frequency generator, frequency measurement, and 3 analog input (0 – 5V). The host connections include USB 2.0/3.0 high speed and Gigabit Ethernet and provides a dual port Marvell Switch. The additional GbE connection enable debugging everywhere including serial terminal support over Ethernet with the Marvell Multi Core Debugger XDB.



XDB support

XDB 5.7.39 and newer

15 Hz – 60MHz TCK

Wide range of support TCK and SCLK support from 15Hz to 60MHz

Self-adaptive Vtref

1.2 – 3.3V Vtref support, active voltage control
Measure SRST, TRST, Vtref(JTAG, CRTX-10, CRTX-20)


JTAG 1149.1 standard
ARM specific Serial Wire Debug (SWD) with SWO and 4 bit TPIU (up to 100 MHz DDR)


Device Web Server on port 3020 (http://<ipaddr>:3020)

SPI programming

Support direct external SPI programming

User add-on

User can provide additional add-on services for the MJP-V board





USB 2.0/3.0

USB 2.0/3.0 high speed host connection

Gigabit Ethernet

Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) connection with an dual port switch

External Power

Enables GbE switch and provides better power level for User I/O


Informative display (e.g. IP address, analog input)


20 pin 0.1” pitch JTAG cable


0.05” pitch, 10 pin connector, ~1/8 of the board size requirements than JTAG


0.05” pitch, 20 pin connectors, ¼ of the board size requirements than JTAG, added 4 bit TPIU support


4 I/O banks
- Programmable 0 – 4V, up to 50 mA
- 4 user I/O
- 3.3V

Additional User I/O features
- I/O bank 1 & 2, pin 0: frequency measurement 1KHz – 100MHz)
- I/O bank 3 & 4, pin 0: frequency out, 50MHz/n (n 1 – 65535)


3.3V TTL level RS232


Dedicated I2C channel from external devices

3 analog In

0-5V 8bit (±1 bit) accurate; values show on display
~ 20 minute history, 50 measurements / sec

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