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DreamPlug - DevKit

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Mean & Green

The “Dream Plug” continues the tradition set by our family of Plug Computers. We have a small robust product which draws under 5 watts of power , can handle the most demanding of tasks. If compared to the average desktop computer using 175 watts of power, we are able to save potentially in the region of 96% on energy costs. The ecologically friendly “Dream Plug” has been designed for 24/7 type applications and the truly remarkable new enclosure, even with no internal moving components, ensures efficient heat dissipation in the most challenging conditions. 

Unlimited Potentials

Think of the possibilities:


Cloud Computing

High End Audio Systems

Home Automation

Industrial Automation

Medical Monitoring and Data Capture

Network Storage and monitoring


Smart Grid /Mesh


Abundance Interfaces


2 x USB 2.0                                          Microphone In x 1

2 x 10/100/1000 Ethernet                      Headphone (analogue) out x 1

1 x  eSata                                             Fiber Optics (SP/DIF) out x 1

1 X SD Slot                                           WiFi /Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR 

                                                           Jtag and Uart connections for external module


DreamPlug - Devkit

EU & UK  versions NOW AVAILABLE for advance purchase! 


Optional JTAG unit is recommended for programming and debugging.

Buy with JTAG Combo and SAVE $10

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