OpenRD Ultimate

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   - Compact, Low Power, Scalable, RoHS Compliant, Fan less Reference Design for End Applications




High performance Marvell® Sheeva™ up to 1.2 GHz

  • 16/16KB I/D 4 way set associative L1 caches and unified 256KB 4-way associated L2 cache 
  • 32 bit and 16 bit RISC architecture
  • Compliant with ARMv5TE architecture
  • Includes MMU to support virtual memory
  • 64 bit internal data bus
  • Branch prediction unit
  • Supports both Big & Little Endian


    Provides high performance and flexible design for a broad range of embedded applications

    DDR2 SDRAM Controller

    • 512 MB DDR2-800 SDRAM in 2 banks of x8 devices
    • Up to 800 MHz data rate


    Enables cost effective designs, wide range of high bandwidth DDR2 SDRAM

    SATA Host controller with integrated Marvell 3 Gbps SATA  PHYs

    Provides Storage Interface for NAS, set-top-box, media servers and RAID applications

    Cryptographic engine which provides hardware acceleration to encryption and authentication algorithms

    • Implements AES, DES and 3DES encryption algorithms
    • Implements SHA1 and MD5 authentication algorithms


    Boosts performance for security applications such as VPN routers

    USB 2.0 host with integrated PHY, host or device

    Allows easy field upgrades

    Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) Media Access Control (MAC) with GMII and RGMII support

    Enables greater data throughput

    Fully Integrated System-On-Chip (SoC)

    Lower total system cost while optimizing performance, with reduced total system chip count and board  real estate

    MPEG TS interface12

    Enables easy integration with video decoders and encoders

    S/PDIF and I2S audio In/Out interface1

    Provides digital and analog audio interface

    TDM SLIC / CODEC interface12

    For applications such as VOIP Gateways

    Comprehensive software and hardware support with Linux board support packages

    Fast time-to-market and reduced development cost

    Note :

    1. Interface with '1' indicates that output pins are multiplexed
    2. Interface with '2' indicates that this is the feature of Marvell SoC and validation of this feature is pending.

    System Components



    • High performance Marvell® Sheeva™ up to 1.2 GHz
    • 16/16KB I/D 4 way set associativeL1 caches
    • unified 256KB 4-way associated L2 cache 
    • 32 bit and 16 bit RISC architecture, Compliant with ARMv5TE
    • Supports both Big & Little Endian
    • Includes MMU to support virtual memory

    On Board Memory

    • 512 MB DDR2-800 SDRAM in 2 banks of x8 devices
    • 512 MB NAND Flash

    Power Requirement

    • 12 volts power supply

    Power Monitoring

    • SM Bus


    • SD Card
    • SATA & eSATA Ports for HDD and Optical Storage Devices


    • VGA support up to 1280x1024 at 60 Hz

    On Board I/O :

    • 7 USB 2.0 Port with integrated PHYs
    • 2 GbE Ports with GMII and RGMII support
    • SATA/eSATA Ports with integrated Marvell 3 Gbps SATA  PHYs
    • UART with RS232/RS485 interface
    • USB interface with Debug supports JTAG & Serial Console
    • Audio In/Out Interface
      • PCIe slot
      • TDM slot
      • Header Connector for TDM Port for Optional Phone/Line interface

    Operating System:

    • Linux & Fedora 8.0


    OpenRD-Ultimate vs. OpenRD-BS and OpenRD-CS

    OpenRD- Ultimate combines all the functionality of both the OpenRD-BS and OpenRD-CS into one improved more user friendly product, please see the table below for the differences of these 3 versions.




    VGA output




    PCIe slot

    Yes- note1


    Yes- note2, note3

    Audio In/out



    Yes- note4

    TDM slot



    Yes- note4





    USB 2.0 port




    RJ45- Gb




    Note1: Although OpenRD-BS has PCIe x1 interface slot but it is in the middle of the PCB, so user has to open the enclosure to use it.
    Note2: OpenRD-Ultimate has PCIe x 1 slot moved to the front end of PCB, so user can insert their add-on board without opening the enclosure.
    Note3: OpenRD-Ultimate has a switch to select either VGA port or PCIe slot before powering on.
    Note4: OpenRD-Ultimate can select either to use audio interface or TDM slot by two wiring jumpers. These jumpers are located in middle of the PCB, so enclosure must be opened to make the selection.

    Hardware Block Diagram

    Note : * indicates Assembly Option

    External Interface

    Front Panel

    Rear Panel


    Physical Dimension


      • Without Enclosure:  8.77x6.25
      • With Aluminum Enclosure:  8.9x6.6
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