• GuruPlug Display - DevKit

    The GuruPlug Display DevKit (gplugD) opens up applications/usage in key new markets of digital visual area.

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  • GuruPlug Server - Standard

    We listened to your requests and are now offering a sleek modern enclosure with external JTAG device, plus added enhancements: Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth 3.0.

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  • JTAG

    The OSGi + JVM Add-on contains everything needed to get an OSGi based setup started:
    Certified commercial OSGi R4 framework in different modes Reliable and optimized JVM underneath
    Beneficial OSGi applications ready to use.

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  • OSGi Add-on on Micro SD Card for GuruPlug

    Our GuruPlug JTAG board comes with UART/RS-232 port, one mini-USB port and JTAG port for debugging and programming purpose.

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  • GuruPlug

    GuruPlug Power Supply for Server and Plus

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