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OSGi for GuruPlug
Price: $39.00 (USD)

The OSGi + JVM Add-on contains everything needed to get an OSGi based setup started:

Certified commercial OSGi R4 framework in different modes

Reliable and optimized JVM underneath

Beneficial OSGi applications ready to use 

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The OSGi+JVM Add-on will be provided as ready-to-use and pre-configured images specifically designed for GuruPlug in order to make
the discovery of OSGi development benefits as easy as possible.

The Add-on will be delivered on an microSD card (fits into card slot of your GuruPlug) that includes the following components:

* Certified commercial OSGi R4 framework - ProSyst 'mBS Runtime' (with rich resource management capabilities) that comes in two flavors:

1. Default Mode
  - Core Bundles - ProSyst specific and from OSGi Compendium
  - Third Party Apache Bundles
  - Web Admin Console Bundles
  - TEE Bundle
  - Bundles for interaction with mBSA (ProSyst native agent), mPRM (ProSyst backend software), iAgent (connection with ProSyst SDK)
  - Agent for mBProfiler (ProSyst profiling tool)
2. Smart Gateway Mode
  Includes the Default Mode configuration plus:

  - Additional bundles for XML parsers, Security, Control Unit abstraction
  - Several sets of bundles for Smart Home-related functionalities such as Management of UPnP devices, ZigBee devices,
     Network Cameras or DLNA server.
* Reliable and optimized JVM - Special Edition of WebSphere Everyplace Custom Environment JVM (J9) from MicroDoc:

 - Includes resource management extensions
* Beneficial OSGi applications - Following applications running on top of the OSGi framework:

 - Web Admin Console
 - Resource Management Logger
 - UPnP Devices Manager
 - Network Cameras Manager
 - Zigbee Devices control


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