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   - Compact, Low Power, Scalable, RoHS Compliant, Fan-less Reference Design for End-User Applications

GTI offers “OpenRD-Ultimate” as a reference design, which is compact, scalable, low power, RoHS compliant and fan-less, allowing one to leverage Open Source development. The reference design is powered by Marvell’s high end 88F6281 general purpose integrated controller.

The OpenRD-Ultimate is best suited for a wide range of applications supporting bulk storage, faster connectivity, higher throughput and performance at lower power. It adds a 2D-GPU(Graphics Processing Unit) with a VGA Connector and additional I/Os for expanded capabilities. An "Embedded Client System" solution can be readily assembled with a GbE connectivity, an onboard 2.5" SATA connector and enclosure.

The major advantage of GTI’s "OpenRD-Ultimate", is that it comes as a complete reference design, which includes board layout designs, software, manufacturing diagnostic tools and downloadable documentation to assist customers with product evaluation and production. Hence, the reference design will help enthusiastic developers and hobbyists to uncover and realize innovative product solution based on an Open source platforms.

One can use this reference design to explore the growing market in Education, Home/Enterprise, Financials, Digital Imaging, Industrial Control, Medical / Healthcare and Point Of Sale (PoS).  Students can use this board to learn and explore new innovative technology without being restricted to expensive hardware kit consuming very high power. Learners can showcase their creative efforts on this board and get global recognition from various events. Developers have complete freedom to develop their product exactly as per their specifications and can also collaborate with the open source community on realizing new innovative applications.

Thus, this board is extremely useful for those, who would like to take advantage of open standards and applications.


Target Markets for OpenRD-Client:

  • Education
  • Home
  • Enterprise
  • Financial market
  • Digital imaging
  • Industrial Control
  • Medical / Healthcare.

Package Contents:

  • Board
  • AC Adapter


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