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SheevaPlug Dev Kit (EUROPE)

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Applications :

In the plug computing model, network-based software services from a desktop or laptop computer are simply moved to a more efficient device that can be left on all of the time, at ten percent of the cost.

Basic examples of such services include web, email, and virtual private network servers hosted in homes and small offices.  Moreover, the rapid increase in the amount and variety of digital content and network-connected devices in the home are creating even more opportunities.  Software services are needed to locate, manage, secure, and share this data.

Unlike Web 2.0 hosted services that use central servers on the Internet to store copies of data, the plug computing approach distributes computing power to every home. A plug computing device can take advantage of peer-to-peer connectivity over the Internet, as well as the latest network protocols-such as Universal Plug and Play (UPnP)-that only work between devices in the home. In some scenarios, a hybrid approach that combines hosted services with an in-home computing resource can reduce deployment costs and make services easier to use.

Package Contents:


  • SheevaPlug DevKit
  • USB Cable
  • Ethernet (cat 5) Cable

SheevaPlug DevKit (US) Available (click here)
SheevaPlug DevKit (UK) Available (click here)

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SheevaPlug Dev Kit SheevaPlug European Version 003-SP1C00
Price: $101.99 (USD) 

OSGi + JVM Add-on for SheevaPlug Dev Kit on SD-Card
$35.00 (USD)

OSGi + JVM Add-on for SheevaPlug Dev Kit on SD-Card
GuruPlug Server Standard
GuruPlug Server - Standard
DreamPlug - DevKit
GuruPlug JTAG

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